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    Step inside the enchanted world of my imagination

    When I started THE One, I could create anything I wanted to. Sizes and prices didn’t matter, because nobody had ever seen anything like it before. Over the years, our fans’ expectations have grown and they have come to expect a certain size of product and price range. So, if I wanted to design and produce an amazing 6-metre sofa for a higher price because I just LOVE it and I know there are other people who will love it too, where would I put it? Ta-dah! In THE One FunkYard – a place where not even my wife can tell me what to do!

    That’s also why you’ll find a pinball machine there. Because as a kid, I didn’t have very much, but my friend had a pinball machine and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Same story with the juke box in FunkYard and just wait for my electric guitar collection… And how ‘in’ are vinyl records again? My youngest daughter is collecting them now, as I did as a child. The groovy crackling sound when the needle meets the vinyl is enough to give me an eargasm!

    So, in THE One FunkYard you will find crazy stuff I designed for the heck of it or fell in love with on my travels: quirky collectables, oversized originals, cool one-offs and odd Home Fashion finds from around the globe. To the casual observer it might look like a scattered assortment of chipped, faded, mismatched objects. But it is in fact rustic, nostalgic, romantic and rebellious all in One. It is old meets new and it is a sign of the times. Enjoy!

    The FunkYard collection is now showing at THE One Fusion in Dubai, THE One Khalidiya Theatre in Abu Dhabi and Marina Mall Theatre in Kuwait.

    Love, T