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    We Are What We Do

    Invented by Thomas Lundgren (after an angel came to him with a mission to save the world from IKEA), THE One Total Home Experience opened our first store in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 1996. Today, we have 31 Theatres and Boutiques in 8 countries across the Middle East with over 700 staff and have launched three new concepts: FUSION by THE One, THE One Junior and THE One Basics, in addition to opening a new concept store, THE One FUSION Theatre.

    Because we don't believe the world needs another retailer, THE One aims to be both magical and meaningful: inspiring you with Affordable Luxury in Home Fashion while Changing the World Together. Ultimately, we would like to measure the relative success of our brand not only in profit, but also in Happiness. The happiness of our staff, customers and communities.


    THE [magical] One

    We don't sell products. We sell feelings. Because we believe that it's not what you buy that's important, it's what you feel after you have bought it. So we see our stores as Theatres where we put on seasonal Home Fashion Shows featuring our latest Collections. As every Theatre is freshly ‘handmade’ every day by our Cast members, each of our Theatres has its own look, feel and energy - a magical place where you can touch, see, smell, hear and taste THE One Total Home Experience; feel THE One’s soul.


    THE [meaningful] One

    There is no greater feeling in life, no greater freedom, than to know that you can be yourself and part of a group that is engaged in a cause that is greater than you are. The thing that matters is meaning. So we asked ourselves: What if we could involve all our people, suppliers and you in a higher purpose than just selling and buying stuff? We have a responsibility to our children to improve the world we live in.

    So apart from ethical sourcing, our way of making a difference is through Challenged Employees, Local Volunteering and our Big Idea: THE Onederworld - our Sustainable Village Community programme. We are on a mission to Change the World Together. Are you Brave enough to be with us?