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In the past year, our Onederworkers reached out to our local communities through various volunteering initiatives. To name a few:

8 Onederworkers, of which 3 Challenged, volunteered as hosts at the ‘From One Family to Another’ opening event of the new Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Centre. The event was attended by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan (Minister of Tolerance) and Hussein – the Arabic Super Star Singer.


 42 Onederworkers participated in the Abu Dhabi Mall Breast Cancer Awareness Event, for the 3rd consecutive year

41 Onederworkers participated in The Blood Donation Drive for Abu Dhabi Bloodbank

50 Onederworkers raised funds to be able to distribute 80 gift bags to the car cleaners of Dubai as part of Eid Giving

Our Onederworkers this year also reached out beyond their local communities of the workplace with our THE One Planet Plastic-free initiative. This initiative, featured on Instagram stories, saw our Onederworkers across a period of 4 months:

a) Create Awareness: through internal presentations at our huddles and tracking personal consumption of single-use plastic Onederworkers became Plastic Aware
b) Pay-it-Forward: Through the power of storytelling and Pay It Forward, we brought our awareness across to our children, their children, our families and friends
c) We took a pledge with our families and friends to break-up from single-use plastic under the motto: if we Can’t Re-use – We Refuse
d) We pledged to give up single-use plastic for a day, week or month during the Plastic Free month in July