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We believe that in today’s world, the best talent wants to work for a company that cares and allows them to make a meaningful difference in the world as part of their daily job. Companies without real values will not only lose their staff but also their customers. Our people are the soul of THE One and our first priority is to take care of them. We, therefore, provide our tribe members with security in a financially strong company and a friendly, supportive and rewarding team atmosphere rooted in our Core Values of LOVE, LIVE, DARE and BELIEVE.



We take pride in training our staff well and provide them with all the tools they need to perform, add meaning to their daily job, recognise and reward performance, and celebrate wins! The key is to engage and entertain.

By training our staff on our new ERP system and launching it in April 2018, internal processes have become more streamlined, increasing staff productivity and resulting in a significant reduction in customer waiting time in-store.

As an incentive for store teams, we created a unique product sale program that recognises and rewards performance on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. This company-funded programme builds team spirit by recognising and rewarding achievements by giving prizes, throwing parties and a whole lot more.

Finally, climbing from fourth place on last year’s list whilst having ranked in the Top 5 amongst multinationals for seven consecutive years, THE One took not only the top spot but Thomas
Lundgren was also named ‘Leader Of The Year 2017’ on the UAE Great Place To Work® List and was also rewarded the Most Responsible Retailer of the Year 2017.