With a true passion for interior design, Thomas Lundgren, CEO of THE One Total Home Experience, has been designing home fashion in the Middle East for the past 21 years. A brand known for its exceptional quality, elevated modern style and a value that is always guaranteed.

THE One Spring 2018 Collection continues to promise affordable luxury and value guaranteed. With influences of pastel pops and tinted terrazzo terracotta, velvety and sensory fabrics that provide comforting luxury, the ambiance created for this inspiring Spring Collection will allow us to connect with the moment we are in. This collection also sees metals in warm finishes with texture materials and designs in furniture that defy gravity or reflects the delicacy in response to a need for balance in current times.

So, why not personalise your look and bring Spring to your home!

Items within THE One collection can be mixed and matched and with the different colour options and fabric textures to choose from, you can design your own exclusive mood and look that is personalised to you, your home and budget. A home designed with love.



AUTUMN 2017/2018