Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Bring plain walls to life with these wonderful accessories!

Even though wall accessories may be an afterthought for most people, the truth is that wall space is crucial to bringing a room together, and what you use will complete the overall look you are going for.

The proper use of wall accessories is a great way to liven up a room and add some personality to it. Here are four great ways to add flair and function to your walls as presented by THE One Family of Brands.



Showcase your memorable moments with this fabulous fuss-free, all-in-one picture frames… Corner your family and friends in an unusual EDGE multiple photo frame or keep everyone in the picture with the HANGUP photo holder.

The EDGE multi photo frame at THE OneEDGE Multi Photo Frame


HANGUP Photo Holder Available at THE OneHANGUP Photo Holder


A combination of BUDDY and BUBBLE hooks serve up both style and function in your lovely room and keep all your bath products organised in the CUBIKO mirror with storage.

Funny Buddy Wall Hooks Available At THE OneBUDDY Hook Set

Umbra Bubble Hooks BY THE One


CUBIKO mirror with storage By THE One

CUBIKO mirror with storage


Add a spray of butterfly MARIPOSA and WALLFLOWER decorations in wintry white to a coloured wall for a blooming marvelous effect. Plastic has never been this fantastic!

MARIPOSA Wall Decoration

UMBRA metal wallflower At THE One

WALL FLOWER Wall Decoration


It’s not every day you get to buy yourself some time… Make every second count with the SAGA wall clock or go for NUMBRA clock.

SAGA Wall Clock



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