Sofa Psychology

Sofa Psychology

Your home is a reflection of who you are and nothing says more about your persona than your choice of sofa. Whether you're an introvert, extrovert, achiever, dreamer or perhaps even an inspired traditionalist, THE One has a sumptuous sofa to match your personality and pocket.

 SAM Sofa

THE Boss: SAM sofa  
Your home, like you, is neat and orderly. Logical, thorough and bright, you prefer to work independently and dislike inefficiency - you’re no couch potato.  When choosing your sofa, the function is as important as aesthetics. You’re not the type to compromise on comfort for the sake of looks alone. For you, THE One’s natural linen same sofa strikes just the right balance between utility and significance - a place to exercise your left brain in luxury while planning your next business move.
Also available in taupe microfibre


 VIK Sofa

THE Entertainer: VIK sofa

You are a born performer and a fun-loving extrovert - one who likes entertaining and being the centre of attention. Your home is your stage, where you act out your role in full colour for the benefit of your audience. You live for the moment and are prepared to take risks, shunning rules and routines. THE One’s VIK sofa in silver velvet is your perfect prop.
Also available in pink and white



THE Diva: COUTURE sofa

You’re a self-confessed drama queen and proud of it. You often fantasize about becoming a movie star and enjoy watching classic films while lounging around looking the part. Elegant and chic, you’re a creative spirit who is artistic, intuitive and mysterious. Your home is where you have the freedom to dream and imagine yourself in the leading role. You go with your gut feeling - instinct often overrides reason. But whatever the outcome, you’re always right! THE One’s gorgeously glam COUTURE sofa in gold velvet is so you, ‘dahling’…
Also available in natural


THE Godfather: KINGSTON sofa
Enthusiastic and inventive, you willingly throw yourself into almost any situation and find fun ways to tackle problems. In your home, you are a trendsetter – you know what style you want and you’re confident in putting the look together. THE One’s KINGSTON sofa in grey is a true reflection of your savvy fashion sense.


 THE Go-getter: GOTO sofa 

You’re a smooth operator who oozes charm and charisma. People are seduced by your good looks and humour. Your home, like your dress-sense, is sleek and contemporary, with acute attention to detail. THE One’s GOTO sofa in yellow microfibre will fit right into your minimalist mindset.
Also available in taupe microfibre



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